200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019

MONTGOMERY: The Alabama Bicentennial Commission is encouraging community leaders and citizens around the state to recognize the upcoming bicentennial of the state of Alabama and celebrate our path to statehood.

“Communities are the cornerstone of the bicentennial and we want to encourage each and every resident to play a part in this once in a lifetime commemoration.” says Jay Lamar, executive director of the commission. “The resolutions can be a starting point to organize a committee and begin conversations with local government. Our staff is ready to offer support with programming, promotion and potential funding opportunities.”

By adopting the resolution, a community joins the efforts of the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, a 12-member group established by the Alabama Legislature and The Governor in 2013. Led by Senator Arthur Orr of Decatur, Commission members, committees across the state, and staff members are developing public projects and events to span the entire state and each of the 67 counties.

The bicentennial period will encompass three years, each with a distinct theme; Exploring our Places (2017), Honoring our People (2018), Sharing our Stories (2019).

Communities seeking to adopt the resolution, develop a committee or apply for endorsement for programs or funding may contact the ALABAMA 200 office for more information.

ALABAMA 200 will support, create and execute events and activities that commemorate the stories of our people, place and path to statehood. Between 2017 and 2019, ALABAMA 200 will engage residents and visitors in educational programs, community activities and statewide initiatives that teach, inspire and entertain. It is a chance to celebrate our place, including each of the 67 counties, which stretch from the Shoals to the shores. It is a moment to remember the people who made our state and to nurture the generations who will carry us forward.

For further information about ALABAMA 200 or the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, please contact Connor Lowry at Connor.Lowry@bicentennial.alabama.gov or visit www.alabama200.org.