200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019

Posted April 1, 2019

Karl Galloway

Some cities are taking posterity into their own hands. Councilman James Bullinger in Level Plains, Alabama has been working hard with his team to prepare a time capsule, to be opened for Alabama’s tricentennial. When asked why Level Plains decided to implement a capsule he mentioned that the idea had been proposed some time ago, during a meeting with the mayor. Above all, the town leaders wanted to “share the energy created by the bicentennial with those who will be celebrating the tricentennial.”


This communal and community-oriented motivation was also behind selecting items to go inside the capsule. “We wanted to celebrate the people, the history and include some informative and educational material. We decided it was best to focus on written materials and photographs, items that are easily shared and enjoyed. In fact, we are encouraging correspondence with future Alabamians, including letters from Level Plains citizens, and even one from Governor Kay Ivey.” Other items include water bills, notes from city council meetings, photographs of City Hall employees.

Building, filling, and burying the time capsule have not come without its challenges. “Funding has been a concern. For a small city this was a real issue. And the materials are expensive as well. In total, the capsule cost around $135. Of course, the bicentennial grant has helped greatly with these concerns.”


Mr. Bullinger’s enthusiasm for the project is evident, and he was eager to share advice for fellow time capsule aficionados. “I’d encourage folks to pick items that are unique to their areas. For example, magazines, and papers that are local. You can even take out an ad in a paper! My family did, wishing a happy tricentennial to future generations. And of course, seal everything very well!”

Mr. Bullinger and his team truly have the wellbeing of future residents of Level Plains in mind. Included in the capsule is a special edition of Blanton’s single barrel bicentennial bourbon, from Buffalo Trace. “Just something for those tireless government workers of the future to toast with!” The Bicentennial commission raises its glass to Mr. Bullinger and the city of Level Plains for their dedication to sharing their own history with those who will celebrate the Alabama tricentennial. Cheers!

For those who wish to participate in the celebration, the Level Plains Bicentennial Celebration ceremony will be held at city hall on Tuesday, April 30th at 11:30 a.m.; 1708 Joe Bruer Road. Following the ceremony the public is invited to a no-host complimentary lunch at the Level Plains Community Center. For more information please call city hall (334) 347-0422.

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