200 Alabama Bicentennial

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Alabama Constitution of 1901

The constitution includes the following articles: declaration of rights; state and county boundaries; distribution of powers of government; legislative department (including a a section on local legislation); executive department; judicial department; impeachments; suffrage and elections; representation (including a list of senatorial districts in the state); exemptions; taxation; corporations (divided into municipal corporations, private corporations, and railroads and canals); banks and banking; education; militia; oath of office; miscellaneous provisions; and mode of amending the constitution (almost 800 amendments have been made thus far). The last 6 pages are signed by 153 convention delegates, including John B. Knox, president of the convention, and Frank N. Julian, secretary of the convention. This constitution restricted suffrage to men who could pass certain literacy, employment, and property qualifications. The document is written on 61 pages that are bound in leather.

Creator: Alabama Legislature
Date: 1901
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Constitution

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 4: Standard(s) 10
Grade 6: Standard(s) 2
Grade 7 (Civics): Standard(s) 5
Grade 10: Standard(s) 15
Grade 11: Standard(s) 3
Grade 12 (US Government): Standard(s) 5 6

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