200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019


Article IX - Taxation, Section 3

This states that "no new debt shall be created against, or incurred by, this state, or its authority, except to repel invasion or suppress insurrection…." The debt the Civil War left made legislators want to curtail any excessive spending in order to keep the budget in check.

Creator: Constitutional Convention of 1875
Date: 1875
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Constitution

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 4: Standard(s) 9
Grade 5: Standard(s) 12
Grade 7 (Civics): Standard(s) 4 5
Grade 10: Standard(s) 15
Grade 12 (US Government): Standard(s) 5 6 7

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