200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019


  • Mary Anderson: Alabamian Who Invented the Windshield Wiper

    Have students complete the handout "Annotating Primary Sources" on the patent image (individually or in groups). After sharing their analysis of the patent with the class, students may also share any follow-up questions they may have about the image or the people involved. After the discussion of these points, have students read (individually or in groups) the Encyclopedia of Alabama entry on Mary Anderson; her rejection letter from Dinning & Eckenstein; and her obituary. Upon completion of individual or group reading of these sources, have students reevaluate their answers to the directed questions.

    ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard Grade(s): 4

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  • Child Labor in Alabama - early 1900s

    Watch the video clip to introduce the lesson. Students will then preview pictures from the following website. Students will select one picture from the website and create a 4 squarebox with the following questions: 1) What do you think is happening? 2) Where do you think this is taking place? 3) What do you feel when you see this picture? 4) How do you think the children in the picture feel? Explain.

    ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard Grade(s): 5

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