200 Alabama Bicentennial

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Resistance and Slavery in Alabama

Have students complete a quick write. Have half the class use the word North and the other half use the word South. Have students write characteristics of each region of the country. Discuss and review the differences as a class. Lead the discussion into economic differences and slavery. Read aloud the book Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine. Discuss as a class the location of the story and details of the family. Ask students what they think occurred in Alabama. Introduce the primary sources from Alabama and slavery that groups will be reviewing. Ask students to analyze each source and add their findings on the appropriate analysis worksheet. The students will complete a jigsaw activity for the primary sources. Allow students time to discuss each primary source that was analyzed in their home groups. Display each primary source and have a whole class discussion. Utilize think, pair, share during the discussion. Record thoughts and observations the class shares.

Creator: Leslie Lawhorn
Date: antebellum

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 5: Standard(s) 11

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