200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019

Bicentennial Activities for PreK-12 Classrooms 

View and download a diverse array of social-studies activities for the 2019-2020 school year. All activites were developed by Alabama Bicentennial Master Teachers specially for preK, elementary, and secondary students. Bring the bicentennial celebration to your classroom!

Early Childhood Ideas and Activities (preK-2nd Grade)

Elementary We Can Statements (K-5th Grade)

Secondary Activity Calendar (7th Grade-12th Grade)

Alabama History Coloring Book and Activities 

Teach your students about Alabama’s famous people and places through these fun coloring activities, perfect for preK through 2nd grade students. Each page of the coloring book teaches young learners about the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and animals using Alabama-themed illustrations and activities. The accompanying coloring sheets chronicle the legacies of ten famous Alabamians. All illustrations and activities were created by Michelle Hyde, illustrator of the Alabama Bicentennial children’s book, Alabama: My Home Sweet Home!.

Alphabet Coloring Book

Camellia Bear Picture

Famous Alabamians Coloring Sheets

Alabama: My Home Sweet Home!

Bicentennial Learning Activities

Got a great classroom activity you love to use? We're looking for teachers to send us their favorite primary source-based learning activities. Teachers will receive $50 per approved activity. Approved activities will be featured on our website. To understand how your activity will be evaluated, take a look at the rubric.

Looking for primary sources for your activity? Start with our primary source packets, which include fascinating historical documents and images from throughout Alabama history.

Submit your activity here! 

The First Alabamians, ca. 11,000 BCE - 1700 CE The Land of the Indians, ca. 1700-1814 Cotton State, ca. 1814-1861 Civil War and Reconstruction, ca. 1861-1877 Mines, Mills, and Mules, ca. 1877-1914 Shaking the Foundations, ca. 1914-1955 Changing Times, ca. 1955-2010 Constitutions and Citizenship Breakout EDU Games PastPort Education Guide

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