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Ollie McClung, Sr.'s challenge to the 1964 Civil Rights Acts ultimately led the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of the legislation. The justices ruled unanimously that the Civil Rights Act applied to restaurants, in part, because the food they served had traveled in commerce. The Court's decision was the high point of Congress's vast Commerce Clause authority.

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Law Databases


FindLaw's Cases and Codes section contains provisions of state and federal law. It also contains a record of state and federal case law for trial and appellate courts. The site looks at the arguments made in Katzenbach v. McClung. It includes the full text of the court's opinion, concurrences, and dissents and a record of various filings and motions leading to the outcome of the case.

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Oyez provides a variety of resources on Katzenbach v. McClung, including links to case text, audio recordings, and references. It also provides a high-level overview of the central question addressed by the case along with the conclusion.

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Online Reference Resources

Exploring Constitutional Conflicts

This site explores issues and controversies that surround the Constitution of the United States. Each entry includes a list of relevant SCOTUS cases as well as open-ended discussion questions.

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Texas Law

The Jamail Center for Legal Research at the University of Texas includes a summary of Katzenbach v. McClung in the digital papers of Justice Tom Clark related to desegregation.

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Archival Resources


This retrospective on the 50-year legacy of Katzenbach v. McClung reflects on the case's significance on civil rights history and contains interviews with those originally involved in the case.

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Library of Congress

A hard copy of the opinion can be found in U.S. Reports Volume 379. The Library of Congress has a PDF from one of these reporters.

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