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The Ashland-born legislator and FDR-appointed jurist is remembered for his progressive rulings, textualist interpretation of the Constitution, and belief that the Bill of Rights protected Americans against all levels of government.

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The website provides biographical information about every member of Congress from 1774 to the present.

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Constitution Center

This biography from the National Constitution Center gives a very flattering picture of Hugo Black's life and his defense of the Constitution.

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Encyclopedia of Alabama

Well-researched with helpful bibliographies, each Encyclopedia of Alabama entry is an effective jumping-off point for getting the facts of the case. Entries range from landmark court cases to influential jurists and legislators. The Encyclopedia aids in framing Justice Black's tenure on the Court as part of Alabama history.

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Oyez offers a detailed description of Justice Black's life before and during his Supreme Court tenure. It also provides fast facts about the Justice for quick reference.

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