200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019


Travel pass.

TRANSCRIPT INCLUDED. Pass granted by Governor Archibald Roane of Tennessee, allowing James Caller and his family to travel through the state into the Mississippi Territory. James Caller was born in 1758 in Virginia. In 1801 he moved to the Mississippi Territory, first settling in Washington County and later moving to Clarke County. Caller was influential in the territory and was one of the first representatives to the legislative councils from Washington County. He also served as a senior militia officer and in 1807 became a territorial commissioner. It was as senior militia officer that Colonel Caller led the militia against a group of Creek Indians at the Battle of Burnt Corn Creek on 27 July 1813. After the battle, Caller retired from public life and died at St. Stephens, Ala., on 3 Dec. 1819.

Creator: Archibald Roane
Date: 1802
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Pass

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 4: Standard(s) 2 6
Grade 5: Standard(s) 10
Grade 7 (Geography): Standard(s) 4
Grade 10: Standard(s) 8

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