200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019


Enlisted soldier's uniform.

Typical uniform and gear of a U.S. soldier in World War I. The doughboy typically wore the Model 1916 olive drab flannel shirt with reinforced elbows and wool trousers. His trench boots had hobnails attached to the bottom to give him further traction. The olive wool wrappings above the boot are called puttees. These were worn to protect the soldier’s legs, prevent mud from getting into the boot, and served as an additional layer for warmth during the winter months. Around the soldier’s neck is an aluminum identity disc. World War I marked the first war in which U.S. soldiers were required to wear identification tags. Information on the discs oftentimes included the soldier’s name, rank, military branch, and ID number.

Date: 1917-1918 circa
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Military uniform

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 4: Standard(s) 11
Grade 6: Standard(s) 3
Grade 9: Standard(s) 12
Grade 11: Standard(s) 4

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