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"Pine Barren of the Southern States."

Plate 13 from FORTY ETCHINGS: FROM SKETCHES MADE WITH THE CAMERA LUCIDA, IN NORTH AMERICA IN 1827 AND 1828 by Captain Basil Hall. From the author's description: "A considerable portion of the Southern States of America, and even as far as North Carolina, is covered with boundless forests of pine-trees. These districts are called Pine Barrens, and the soil being generally sandy, with a scanty supply of water, they are probably destined to remain for ever in the state of a useless wilderness. Upwards of five hundred miles of our journey lay through these desolate forests, and I have therefore thought it worth while to give a Sketch, which is sufficiently characteristic of these singular regions."

Creator: Basil Hall
Date: 1827-1828
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Print; sketch

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 3: Standard(s) 7
Grade 7 (Geography): Standard(s) 2

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