200 Alabama Bicentennial

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Letter from Carrie Chapman Catt in New York, to Charles H. Miller in Montgomery, Alabama.

Catt was president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and Miller was the 20th Senatorial District (Marengo County) delegate to the Alabama constitutional convention in 1901. In this letter she expresses her hope that women's suffrage will be addressed at the convention: "At this date, twenty-five States have extended to women some form of limited suffrage, and four have granted full suffrage on precisely the same qualifications as are required of male voters. We do not, therefore, ask your consideration of a new or untried proposition." Miller later voted in favor of a limited form of women's suffrage at the convention, but the measure did not pass.

Creator: Carrie Chapman Catt
Date: June 14, 1901
Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Format: Correspondence

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ALCOS Social Studies Content Standard:
Grade 4: Standard(s) 10
Grade 6: Standard(s) 4
Grade 7 (Civics): Standard(s) 10 12
Grade 9: Standard(s) 10
Grade 10: Standard(s) 15
Grade 11: Standard(s) 2
Grade 12 (US Government): Standard(s) 6 14

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